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System Features
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Introducing Aspila Topaz
Smart Solutions, Simply Affordable
Prepare for the future with Aspila Topaz, the new digital keyphone system. Designed to grow with small businesses, it allows expansion from 3 trunks/ 8 extensions to 27 trunks/ 72 extensions. It also comes complete with ISDN BRI support hybrid ports to fit any phone built in, caller ID detection, Transmission, Voice Response System, built in DISA function and best of all, NEC's reputation for quality.

Aspila Topaz. Smart solutions. Simply affordable.
Get ahead in the digital age with Aspila Topaz, the new all-digital keyphone from NEC. Perfect for growing small businesses, it incorporates performance and intelligence into a scalable design. Open up your company's communication capabilities and be amazed.

Protect your investment
Flexible, expanadable, power-packed with features. However you look at it, Aspila Topaz is the smart investment that will grow with your business. Save money in the long run with its intelligent cost-cutting features.


Aspila Topaz - Keyphones
Functionality 6TD 6TXD 12TD 12TXD
Alphanumeric Display
(Lines x Character)
No Yes (12x16) No Yes (2x16)
Additional PRG Keys 10 10 10 10
Programmable Keys 6 6 12 12
Handsfree No(Talk Back) Yes No(Talk Back) Yes
Clear/Check Keys No Yes No Yes
Compatible With
DLS/DLS Console
No Yes No Yes
Wall Mount Kit Yes
(Built In)
(Built In)
(Built In)
(Built In)
Adjestable Leg Yes
(Built In)
(Built In)
(Built In)
(Built In)
Note : BLF (Busy Lamp Field) on the Additional Programmable Keys are not available on the Standard type Keyphones (12TD/ 6TD)
Aspila Topaz System Features  
Features List
Abbreviated Dialing
Account Code
Alphanumeric Display
Attendant Call Queuing
Automatic Route Selection (F-Route)
Background Music
Barge In
Call Forwarding
     - Fixed
     - Off-Premise
     - Abbreviated Dial
     - Follow Me
Call Forwarding/ Do Not Disturb Override
Call Redirect
Call Timer
Call Waiting / Camp On
Caller ID
Central Office Calls, Answering
Central Office Calls, Placing
Class of Service
Conference, Voice Call/ Privacy Release
Continued Dialing
Department Dialing
Department Step Calling
Dial Number Preview
Dial Pad Confirmation Tone
Dial Tone Detection
Direct Inward Line (DIL)
Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
* Direct Station Selection
        ( DSS Console )
Directed Call Pickup
Do Not Disturb
* Door Box
Fax Machine Compatibility
Flexible System Numbering
Forced Trunk Disconnect
Group Call Pickup
Handsfree and Monitor
    (only for LCD Display Phone)
Handsfree Answerback/
    Forces Intercom Ringing
* Headset Operation
Last Number Redial
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
Line Preference
Long Conversation Cutoff
Loop Keys
Meet ME
     - Conference
     - Paging
     - Paging Transfer
Memo Dial
Message Waiting
Microphone Cutoff
Multiple Directory Numbers / Call Coverage
Music on Hold
Name Storing
Night Service
Off Hook Signaling
* Paging, External
Paging, Internal
Park Hold
PBX Compatibility
Prime Line Selection
Private Line
Programmable Function Keys
Pulse to Tone Conversion
Repeat Dial
Ring Groups
Ringdown Extension,
    Intenal/ External
Rooms Monitor
Save Number Dialed
Secretary Call (Buzzer)
Secretary Call Pickup
Secretable Display Messaging
Serial Call
* Station Message Detail Recording
Tandem Trunking
    (Unsupervised Conference)
Time and Date
Toll Restriction
     - Dial Block
     - Override
Trunk Group Routing
Trunk Groups
Trunk Queing/ Camp On
* Voice Mail
* Voice Response System(VRS)
Volume Controls
Warning Tone For Long Conversation
* Optional features
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